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  • Counties Serviced: king, snohomish
  • Hello! My name is Tess and my slogan is to provide you with the "best" service that you deserve! My real estate career started in 1989 during the first major peak of the real estate market. My exposure to the real estate industry started at an early age thru my family's property investments and management. I am very experienced in the negotiating process & will represent your best interest in every transaction! I was born and raised in Seattle and feel very lucky to have had a chance to grow up in such a beautiful place. I have been very fortunate to have had the opportunity to live in New York City and Asia and traveled thru Europe and many cities in the US. I cant help but compare them to my hometown. Seattle is indeed the best place to live!I am a graduate of Seattle University where I recieved my degree in Public Administration and was active in the Community Housing Resource Board, the Department of Community Development and a member of the Institute of Public Service. My other interest include music, yoga & golf. I love to relax with my Latin jazz band Tessarosa www.tessarosa.com and am also involved in my church music ministry. My passion is music, people & real estate. Being exposed to many different cultures and having met quite a number of people. I know I can be of service to any person from all walks of life. My commitment to the real estate industry allows me to give you the "best" service that YOU deserve.My main goal is to protect the interest of who I represent. I believe that by helping people with their real estate need, I can contribute something worthwhile to our community. I assure you that whenever you need information about real estate, I will be ready and willing to help you.
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Monday, February 20th 2023 6:33 pm
I was already listing my place with an old friend of over 20 years when I meet Tess accidentally when she stopped at my home to pick up stuff I was selling or giving away. I let her do a presentation that evening and was so impressed I gave her the listing. She not only sold my place in one day but got over 20,000 more for the condo. It was a very easy closing. I would recommend Tess to anyone buying or selling a home. I feel I am a good judge of realtors since I worked with over 1000 of them for over 20 years in the home warranty industry.
Madeline A.
Saturday, July 24th 2021 8:06 pm
Tess was so helpful to us in buying our home. She was willing to tour house after house, and quickly grasped the features that meant the most to us. She helped us to make good use of our time, which was particularly important during COVID. She helped us to present attractive offers, and recommended that we switch lenders to one that was more responsive after we had challenges with the first lender. After losing out on a couple houses, she helped us to secure the home of our dreams (though we did have to pay more than we planned). In this crazy market, it is important to have someone great on your team. Tess is that agent.
Leah W.
Wednesday, June 16th 2021 2:21 pm
"Tess is a class act. We originally met her at an open house she hosted in late 1993. She stuck with us all through my very picky purchasing process. She represented us in the purchase of our new home in '96 and again on the sale of that home and purchase of our new home. In every instance shes provided top-notch service! Its a pleasure to work with Tess and Windermere. " Thank you Linda Walton
Linda W.
Thursday, March 18th 2021 2:18 pm
"Tess went far beyond the line of duty and we commend her very highly. You are lucky to have her on your staff!"
John and Kate B.
Friday, September 11th 2020 8:46 pm
Words will not be enough to try to thank our agent Tess Guerzon Cabrera. She conducted herself very professionally in all the phases of selling our house. She showed a lot of kindness and patience in meeting our needs. In so many ways she went way beyond what one would expect from their real state agent. We had many challenges in selling our house because we were out of state. As I personally told her, she’s one of the most patient people I had ever met. I would highly recommend her to anyone selling or buying a house!! Thanks so much Tess!
Celia D.
Tuesday, August 25th 2020 1:04 pm
Tess,I wanted to take the time to thank you for the great job you did on the recent sale of my property in Kent.• Your approach was very professional right from the beginning. Because the property had been listed before I received over 500 calls from agents wanting to re-list the property. When you and I talked we decided on a follow up strategy and you stuck to it with follow up calls based on the time frame we agreed to. Even though it took a couple of years to get to the point where I was ready to relist the property you stuck with our strategy.o One thing that became obvious to me from that experience is that the Seattle market has too many listing agents and not enough selling agents! You were not just interested in securing my listing, you were interested in selling my property. Big difference! • I live outside Washington and the way you handled the transaction did not require me to come to Seattle for the listing or sale of the property. This was especially important to me.• Finally, you brought added value to the transaction. You were able to stage the property which I believe helped sell the property and saved me money. This is something not every agent is able to do or understands the value of. Thanks again for the great job!
Doug B.
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